Wash Walls - Good cleaning tips

Cleaning carpets is one thing. We can all easily see how they get dirty fast and need a regular vacuuming and so on. Thanks to gravity, spills, dead skin, debris from when sharpening the pen and other small things end up on the floor. And so we clean it up. But what about the walls? Have you ever really looked at them? Have you seen how dirty they really are?


Cleaning tips for the walls of the home

Cleaning walls and wallpaper has the feeling of a housewife from the 1950s - the kind of thing that only fanatical housekeepers do. However, it is much easier to clean the wall than to change the wallpaper. And it is definitely cheaper. You don't have to clean the walls every day, or even every week, but this really is something that should be done - perhaps in conjunction with the annual spring cleaning (or save it otherwise until you have enough money to hire a cleaning company to do that the heavy cleaning you have avoided).


It is easy to wash and clean walls with these tips


The wallpaper nowadays, thankfully, is easier to clean and usually has a finish that prevents it from falling into pieces of the slightest moisture that falls on it like the old wallpaper. If you have any of these old wallpapers at home that look dirty, don't worry about cleaning them. Replace it or live with the dirt. Painted walls are even easier to clean.

Tips for cleaning walls:

Remove the cobwebs by wrapping a clean cloth around a garbage and pulling it over where the cobwebs are (probably up in a corner). You can do the same with cobwebs in the ceiling. As soon as the cloth is covered with cobwebs, dead spiders and fly bones, remove it from the garbage and replace it with a reindeer. Don't just use the garbage as the dust that gets stuck in the bristles then spreads all over the wall and makes matters worse. Spider webs that you reach can easily be removed with a dust cloth (use a cloth, not a dust flap). Having cobwebs inside means a good thing - that your home is free enough of toxins and other horrors that other species also want to live in it.

Plain dirt can be wiped off with a mixture of diluted vinegar and warm water. It's better to do the whole wall in one swipe (wait until they reference a football match on the radio so your head gets stimulated, because cleaning walls is extremely boring, especially if your wallpaper is white). You will need a whole bucket of detergent and several rags that you will replace over time. A soft toothbrush can also help with the really stubborn areas. This works on wallpaper and painted walls.